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Create a n-track sound board in Android
Umut Gür
May 24, 2018
asked 2 years ago
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Hi there I am developing a social media app and I need n-track sound board for combine many track to one track so, I need a panel which is like "BandLab" on Android or "GarageBand" on ios. But I could not find anything about how can do that? 

I have not been able to make a design that I can see songs in layers and make iterations by scrolling these songs right and left. I've even used unity to do this, but I'm very new to it too, so I did not get good results.

Do you have any idea how to work on this?

Here is theimagefrom "BandLab"

Thank you

1 Answer
Android Pal @pal May 28, 2018

Hi there Umut, this seems like a highly custom component. Aren't you up to create it yourself? We at AndroidPal are working on many custom views and widgets and might consider creating a "sound board" widget. Why would you use Unity if you can use the Android SDK instead?


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